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“The tremendous gulf between what the sources told me and the common
wisdom in Ukrainian discourse was something I had never encountered
before in my professional career”. Historic revisionism in Ukraine takes
up about a fifth of the volume on the political use of history (
CEU Press team thinks you might be interested in these publications.
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bibliographic data of these titles below.

Related to the above is the book that offers a multidimensional history
) of cultures, religious denominations, languages, ethical norms, and
historical experience leading up to today’s Ukraine. Also the monograph
on the role of various armed groups (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/HeroesandVillains.htm ) fighting on
the Ukrainian fronts during WWII. Who were heroes, who were villains?
The Orange Revolution receives peculiar treatment in the latest
attempt at a fresh interpretaᆳtion of the contexts, meanings, and
consequences of the revolutions of 1989 (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/TheEndandtheBeginning.htm ). The
volume matches the seminal CEU Press title on the collapse of Soviet (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/Masterpieces_of_History.htm )
domination – see some extracts from the latter below. 
The collection of essays on women and war (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/EmbracingArms.htm ) mirrored in the
arts analyzes at length the film Wings by the Ukraine (Artemivsk) born
Larisa Shepitko. 
What impact did Radio Free Europe and the Voice of America have on
Ukraine (and other parts of eastern Europe)? Besides analysing the
effects of cold war broadcasting (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/Cold-War-Broadcasting.htm ), the
reaction of the communist power is also presented with original
documents. “Newly declassified materials, including Soviet Politburo
transcripts and the diaries of the Ukrainian leader Petro Shelest, not
only confirm earlier conclusion that there was an important linkage
between the situation in the Ukraine and the developments in
Czechoslovakia, but also demonstrate that Soviet leaders themselves
clearly believed the two situations were linked… On numerous occasions,
Shelest complained to Brezhnev that events in Czechoslovakia were
‘causing unsavory phenomena here in Ukraine as well’.” 
“I only wish to draw the attention of the esteemed House to the
cultural needs of the Ruthenians, which have hitherto not received
sufficient consideration… That the establishment of a Ruthenian
university in Lemberg is necessary I consider to be proven, and more
than proven: it is self-evident” – declared bishop Sheptytsky
(Szeptycki) in 1911 at the House of Lords in Vienna. His address is
commented in the latest volume (
) of the essential CEU Press undertaking (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/DiscoursesOfCollectiveIdentity.htm ),
presenting texts that shaped national identities in eastern and
south-eastern Europe. 
Browsing on from the backlist, several monographs focus on Ukrainian
·         the deeds and vicissitudes of Jesuit communities (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/NarrativesofAdversity.htm ) on the
peripheries of the Habsburg empire, including in Uzhhorod and Mukacheve,
and their role in the creation of the Uniate (Greek Catholic) Church;
·         the Ukrainian question (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/TheUkrainianQuestion.html ) is
analyzed as handled by the Empire in the 19th century; 
·         in the next century the liquidation of the Greek Catholic (
) Church was the order of the day in western Ukraine; 
·         the first volume (
com/books/html/OnTheEdge.html ) to discuss
east-central Europe and Russia within the context of European security;
·         the politics of state formation (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/TheMouldingOfUkraine.html ) in the
Ukraine of the 1990s; 
·         the state-building (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/State-building.htm ) process in
comparison to Lithuania, Belarus, and Russia;
·         policies, practices and outcomes of privatisation (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/Politics-and-Policies.htm ) in six
former communist countries: the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia,
Slovenia and Ukraine; 
·         the sovereignty movement of Tatarstan (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/NationLanguageIslam.htm ) is of
interest not just for the few percent of Ukrainians among the
inhabitants of that republic; 
·         just as Ukrainians cannot be indifferent towards Belarusian
identity ( http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/Struggle-over-Identity.htm
) struggle, either;
·         together with twenty-eight more post-communist transition
countries, the political and economic performance of Ukraine is also
examined as part of a search of varieties of transition models (
CEU Press offers a lot more on the past and present of Ukraine also in
comparative and collective volumes: the phenomena of demonology and
witchcraft (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/Friars-Nobles-and-Burghers.htm ) in
the era of early modern Ukraine receive portrayal; a description of
beliefs of magic among Jews of Carpatho-Russia (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/ChristianDemonology.htm ); an essay
on the treatment of the Great Famine (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/PastintheMaking.htm ) in
historiography; the absence of public service broadcasting (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/Comparative-Media-Systems.htm ) in
the Ukraine.  

The website ( http://www.ceupress.com/index.html ) of the Central
European University Press is worth a visit. Please, download the latest
catalogue (
http://www.ceupress.com/catalog/catalogue2012_AutumnWinter.pdf ).

List of titles mentioned above: 
The Convolutions of Historical Politics (
), Miller / Lipman, 362 pages, 2012, 978-615-5225-15-4, cloth 
A Laboratory of Transnational History (
) – Ukraine and recent Ukrainian historiography
Kasianov, G. / Ther, P., 318 pages, 2009,  978-963-9776-26-5 cloth;
978-963-9776-43-2 paperback
Heroes and Villains (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/HeroesandVillains.htm ) – Creating
national history in contemporary Ukraine
Marples, D.R., 386 pages, 2007, 978-963-7326-98-1 cloth;
978-963-9776-29-6 paperback
The End and the Beginning (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/TheEndandtheBeginning.htm ) – The
Revolutions of 1989 and the Resurgence of History, Tismaneanu / Iacob,
520 pages, 2012, 978-615-5053-65-8 cloth
Masterpieces of History (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/Masterpieces_of_History.htm ) – The
peaceful end of the cold war in Europe, 1989 – National Security Archive
Cold War Reader, Savranskaya / Blanton / Zubok, 782 pages, 2010,
978-963-9776-77-7 cloth ; 978-615-5053-40-5 paperback
Embracing Arms ( http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/EmbracingArms.htm )
– Cultural representation of Slavic and Balkan women in war, Goscilo /
Hashamova, 280 pages, 2012, 978-615-5225-09-3 cloth 
Cold War Broadcasting (
) – Impact on the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe
Johnson / Parta, 610 pages, 2010, 978-963-9776-80-7 cloth, $55.00 /
€44.95 / £40.00
Discourses of Collective Identity in Central and Southeast Europe
Vol. I. Late Enlightenment (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/DiscoursesOfCollectiveIdentity.htm ) –
Emergence of the modern ‘national i
dea’, Trencsényi / Kopeček, 362
pages, 2006, 978-963-7326-52-3 cloth
Vol. II. National Romanticism (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/NationalRomaniticism.htm ) –
Formation of national movements, Trencsényi / Kopeček, 508 pages, 2007,
978-963-7326-60-8 cloth
Vol. III/1. Modernism  (
)– The creation of nation-states, Ersoy / Górny / Kechriotis, 496 pages,
2010, 978-963-7326-61-5 cloth
Vol. III/2. Modernism  (
)– Representations of national culture, Ersoy / Górny / Kechriotis, 398
pages, 2010 978-963-7326-64-6 clothNarratives of Adversity (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/NarrativesofAdversity.htm ) - Jesuits
on the Eastern Peripheries of the Habsburg Realms (1640–1773), Shore,
P., 350 pages, 2012, 978-615-5053-47-4 cloth
The Ukrainian Question (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/TheUkrainianQuestion.html ) – Russian
nationalism in the 19th century, Miller, A., 308 pages, 2003,
978-963-9241-60-2 cloth  Christianity and Modernity in Eastern Europe (
), Berglund / Porter-Szűcs, 402 pages, 2010, 978-963-9776-65-4 cloth
On the Edge ( http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/OnTheEdge.html ) –
Ukrainian – Central European – Russian security triangle, Balmaceda,
M.M., 280 pages, 2000, 978-963-9116-80-1 cloth
The Moulding of Ukraine (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/TheMouldingOfUkraine.html ) Wolczuk,
K., 338 pages, 2001, 978-963-9241-25-1 paperback
State-Building ( http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/State-building.htm
) – A comparative study of Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, and Russia,
Fritz, V., 398 pages, 2007, 978-963-7326-99-8 paperback
Politics and Policies in Post-Communist Transition (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/Politics-and-Policies.htm ) – Primary
and secondary privatization in the Central Europe and the former Soviet
Union, Soós, A.K., 204 pages, 2010, 978-963-9776-85-2 cloth
Nation, Language, Islam – Tatarstan’s sovereignty movement (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/NationLanguageIslam.htm ), Faller, H.
M., 348 pages, 2011, 978-963-9776-84-5 cloth
Struggle over Identity (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/Struggle-over-Identity.htm ) – The
official and the alternative “Belarusianness”, Bekus, N., 312 pages,
2010, 978-963-9776-68-5, cloth
On Baltic Slovenia and Adriatic Lithuania  (
)- A Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Patterns in Post-Communist
Transformation, Norkus, Z., 375 pages, 16 illustrations (charts, photo
etc.), 2012, 978-615-5053-50-4 cloth
Friars, Nobles and Burghers—Sermons, Images and Prints (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/Friars-Nobles-and-Burghers.htm ) -
Studies of Culture and Society in Early-Modern Europe, Miller / Kontler,
490 pages, 2010, 978-963-9776-67-8 cloth
Christian Demonology and Popular Mythology (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/ChristianDemonology.htm ) – Demons,
Spirits, Witches, Volume 2 Pócs / Klaniczay, 292 pages, 2006,
978-963-7326-76-9 cloth
Past in the Making  (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/PastintheMaking.htm )– Historical
Revisionism in Central Europe after 1989, Kopeček, M., 274 pages. 2008,
978-963-9776-02-9 cloth; 978-963-9776-04-3 paperback
Comparative Media Systems (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/Comparative-Media-Systems.htm ) –
European and global perspectives, Dobek-Ostrowska / Głowacki /
Jakubowicz / Sükösd, 304 pages, 2010, 978-963-9776-54-8 cloth

Excerpts from Masterpieces of History (
http://www.ceupress.com/books/html/Masterpieces_of_History.htm ):
Document No. 43: Cable from US Ambassador Jack Matlock to the State
Department, “The Soviet Union over the Next Four Years”, February 3,
“Indeed, despite all of the changes in Soviet society over the past
several years, the gla
snost and the perestroika, only nationalism has
been capable of igniting popular passions. And we just remember that the
Ukraine and Central Asia—areas where, because of population size,
resources and religion, nationalism could represent a major danger to
the Soviet empire—have remained thus far almost eerily quiet, a calm
that neither we nor the Soviet leadership should expect to continue.”
Document No. 53: Transcript of CC CPSU Politburo Session, “Outcome of
the USSR People’s Deputies Elections”, March 28, 1989
Gorbachev: “The outcome of the campaign shows us that at all stages—in
the nominations and in voting—the elections went most successfully, with
fewer losses and expenses, where people saw the real fruit of
perestroika. This is the north Caucasus, and the central Chernozem
oblast, Ukraine, and the Altay region.”
Document No. 99: Session of the CC CPSU Politburo, November 9, 1989
Prime Minister Ryzhkov: “Among them everything is aimed at preparations
for secession. All these discussions with us are just for show, for
buying time. As soon as they win elections, they will adopt a decision
to leave. What should be done? Introduce a common free market among
isolated republics? But that would mean chaos. What we should fear is
not the Baltics, but Russia and Ukraine. I smell an overall collapse.
And then there will be another government, another leadership of the
country, already a different country.”
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