[Aaus-list] when was Ukrainian language first called Ukrainian?

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Hi, the student may wish to consult
Struminskyj, Bohdan in Aspects of the Slavic Language Question, vol. 2; East Slavic.

As for the premodern nomenclature, I can recommend my article:

Studia Slavica Hung. 51/1–2 (2006) 97–121

On the Name(s) of the Prostaja Mova

in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth

\Shevelov, George Y. An important work in Ukrainian Onomastics / the name Ukraine // The Annals of the Ukr. Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1952, II/ 4 (6), 435-43.

Hope it helps.

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Dear AAUS-listers,

Can anyone help answer this question: when was the Ukrainian language first called Ukrainian?
(or suggest sources where one could find this out…)

Thanks in advance!

Laada Bilaniuk

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Hello Laada,

I am a student at Flinders University in South Australia, studying linguistics.  I have been reading some of your articles on the Ukrainian language and wondered if I could get some help from you.

I am wanting to find resources about when Ukrainian was first called Ukrainian.  From the research I have done, I have learned about Ruthenian and I have learned that the name Ukraine was applied to the land for many centuries.  What I can't find is evidence of when the language was first called Ukrainian.  If you know of any resources or people who could help with this project, I would be very grateful.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Stuart Mattinson
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