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Marta Dyczok mdyczok at uwo.ca
Thu Oct 31 14:10:48 EDT 2013

Some of you might have heard that recently Public Radio
began broadcasting on-line in Ukraine. This is an initiative by a group of
journalists who are working on a voluntary basis to provide information and
perspectives on politics, culture, economics, philosophy, and more, independent
of the state and/or corporate owners. So far they have been relying on their
own resources, favours from friends, colleagues, universities. To sustain their
efforts they’ve launched a crowdfunding initiative that has received tremendous
support in Ukraine. If you’d like to find out more, or perhaps even contribute,
please see:


(my donation worked and no fee was charged, but the
instructions are in Russian because of the banking system)

You can listen to their programmes on-line: http://hromadskeradio.org/


on Sound Cloud: or visit their FaceBook page: Громадське
If you have any questions, please contact Iryna Slavinska at
irynka.slavinska at gmail.com
Marta Dyczok, DPhil (Oxon)
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