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Memorial plaque honouring a CIUS donor unveiled on campus

19 September 2013--On 17 September 2013, a ceremony took place on the
University of Alberta campus to honour Mykhailo Samytsia (1920-2009), who
established an endowment fund at the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian
Studies (CIUS) in memory of his wife and parents. A memorial plaque was
unveiled at the site where three fruit trees donated by Mr. Samytsia grace
the campus grounds in front of Pembina Hall. The trees serve as a fitting
legacy from a man known for this generosity, kindness, and remarkable work

Family and community members, along with university and CIUS staff, were in
attendance. In his opening remarks the director of CIUS, Dr. Volodymyr
Kravchenko, praised the late Mr. Samytsia, whose generous endowment has
helped countless students and scholars in their research. Among them was
Olena Hankivsky, now a professor in the School of Public Policy at Simon
Fraser University. In 2010 Dr. Hankivsky received a research grant from the
Samytsia fund to help with the publication of a collection of essays by
leading Western and Ukrainian scholars who examined how political, social,
and economic transitions in post-communist Ukraine were transforming gender
roles and relations there. The book, *Gender, Politics, and Society in
Ukraine*, edited by Olena Hankivsky and Anastasiya Salnykova, was published
by the University of Toronto Press in 2012 and is considered the latest and
most authoritative study in the field.

Wendy Samytsia, whose father was a cousin to Mykhailo, gave a moving
tribute. Mykhailo was born in 1920 in western Ukraine, and some members of
his family left for Canada in 1929. However, owing to illness and the
outbreak of war, along with the annexation of western Ukraine to the Soviet
Union, Mykhailo and his wife, Maria, were not reunited with his Canadian
family until 1963. Mr. Samytsia became an accomplished tailor, along with
developing a passion for the cultivation of fruit trees. Starting a small
orchard in his back yard, he became renowned for developing fruit trees
adapted to Alberta's harsh winters. Over the years, he planted many cherry
and apple trees for friends and neighbours. The apple tree in front of
Pembina Hall bears a remarkable five varieties of fruit, and its planting
was supervised by Mr. Samytsia. "And so a man looking for a solution to his
apple tree problem found a wonderful cause that will benefit so many to
come," concluded Wendy.

Assistant CIUS director Dr. Bohdan Klid shared reminiscences about his
friendship with Mr. Samytsia and their mutual interest in fruit
horticulture. He learned the fine art of grafting from his thoughtful

The Rev. Deacon Roman Shiyan led the group in the concluding traditional
hymn "Vichnaia pam'iat'" (Eternal Memory) honouring Mykhailo Samytsia.

*Photos:* (1) Participants in the ceremony in the CIUS main office (l-r):
George Kotovych; Daryl, Nestor, Orest, Wendy, and Marion Samycia; Peter
Savaryn; (2) An apple tree planted by Mykhailo Samytsia in 2005; (3)
Memorial plaque honouring Mykhailo Samytsia in front of Pembina Hall; (4)
Participants in the ceremony in front of Pembina Hall.

The Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies (CIUS) is a leading centre of
Ukrainian studies outside Ukraine that engages in and support research and
scholarship in Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Canadian studies. If you would like
more information on the Institute, please visit our website at www.cius.ca,
facebook page at
www.facebook.com/canadian.institute.of.ukrainian.studies?ref=hl or contact
Dr. Bohdan Klid at (780) 492-2972; cius at ualberta.ca.

Канадський інститут українських студій (КІУС) -- провідний осередок
українознавчих студій поза межами України, покликаний розвивати і
підтримувати науково-дослідну роботу з української та українсько-канадської
тематики. Щоб отримати детальнішу інформацію, просимо відвідати наш
веб-сайт www.cius.ca, фейсбук
www.facebook.com/canadian.institute.of.ukrainian.studies?ref=hl або
зв'язатися з д-ром Богданом Клідом (780) 492-2972; cius at ualberta.ca.
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