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Dear UTS Members & Friends,

The Executive Board of the Ukrainian Technological Society is pleased to
announce that Ms. Roma Hadzewycz has been selected as the Society's 2013
Ukrainian of the Year.  The Ukrainian of the Year Award is bestowed upon
an individual who has demonstrated technological or professional
accomplishments, made a contribution to the perpetuation of Ukrainian
heritage, or has demonstrated humanitarian achievements.

Ms. Hadzewycz has distinguished herself for her accomplishments in
journalism and her editorial leadership of The Ukrainian Weekly and
Svoboda newspapers. Both newspapers are published by the Ukrainian
National Association and have been vital in bringing news and information
to the Ukrainian community.  Ms. Hadzewycz has been Editor-in-chief of The
Ukrainian Weekly, an English-language publication, since 1980 and has been
Editor-in-chief of both The Ukrainian Weekly and Svoboda, a
Ukrainian-language publication since 2007. Fittingly, 2013 marks the 120th
anniversary of Svoboda and the 80th anniversary of The Ukrainian Weekly.

This year's award ceremony and dinner dance will take place on Saturday
November 2nd, starting at 6:00 p.m., at The Club at Nevillewood in Collier
Township, situated near the intersection of Interstate 79 and the Parkway
West.  The musical duo “Mosaic” will provide musical entertainment for
listening and dancing.  Tickets are $75.00 each and $50.00 for students.

To receive an invitation, please contact us at board at utspgh.org.  We hope
you will plan to join us on Saturday November 2nd as we honor this very
special individual and her contributions to the Ukrainian community.

UTS Executive Board
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