[Aaus-list] Image File: Reminder of 1994 Treaty

Max Pyziur pyz at brama.com
Sun Mar 2 09:46:31 EST 2014

The attached image reads:
If the civilized world doesn't stop Russian
invasion of Ukraine, it'll be a clear signal
to the countries which own nuclear
weapons, not to give them up.

In 1994 Ukraine gave up its nuclear
weapons and signed the international
treaty with US, UK and Russia, who
agreed to guarantee Ukraine's territorial

Western inaction will mean the erosion
of international law.

(White and yellow lettering on black background).

Gussy it up to your taste and messaging, per your Photoshop/digital image 

Source: thanks to Maestro Arthur Greene's Facebook posting, and, if not 
he, the creator of the image.

Use as you see fit: print it out for your next protest; repost it on your 
FB page, etc. Spread it around; You know the drill.

pyz at brama.com
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