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The Crimean Referendum Was An Electoral Farce

"What happened on Sunday in Crimea was an electoral farce. Referenda 
cannot be held under military occupation. Referenda cannot have two 
options that have essentially the same meaning. Referenda cannot be held 
when all of the propaganda is generated by the state. Referenda cannot be 
held when the local television stations are closed and journalists are 
beaten and intimidated."

Only members of the Far Right need apply - the only interenational 
observers allowed were from Far Right partiies:
"Yet there were some people on hand to praise the "referendum." Moscow 
sent an invitation to parties of the European far right, and found 
politicians willing to serve as 'observers.' Enrique Ravello has belonged 
to the neo-Nazi CEDADE and now belongs to the extreme-right Plataforma per 
Catalunya. Luc Michel used to belong to the neo-Nazi Fédération d’action 
nationaliste et européenne and now supports a blend of fascism and 
Bolshevism that is also popular among Russia's Eurasianists. Béla Kovács 
is a member of the Hungarian extreme-right party Jobbik and the treasurer 
of the Alliance of European National Movements. "

Timothy Snyder: Freedom in Russian exists only in Ukraine

"There is a country where millions of Russian-speakers lack basic rights. 
That country is the Russian Federation. There is a neighbouring country 
where tens of millions of Russian-speakers enjoy basic rights — despite 
the disruptions of a revolution and Russian invasion. That country is 
Ukraine. As the joke goes, Ukraine is a country where people speak 
Russian, while Russia is a country where people stay quiet in Russian."


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