[Aaus-list] a modest proposal

ajmotyl at andromeda.rutgers.edu ajmotyl at andromeda.rutgers.edu
Sat Mar 22 07:31:28 EDT 2014

As you all know, the North American media are constantly looking for
Ukraine experts to interview. Because so few genuine Ukraine experts are
known to them, media outlets either go to bogus experts or to the same
handful of genuine experts.

I have a modest proposal to make to the AAUS, HURI, and CIUS. Why don't
you all get together and compile a simple press packet with names of
experts, areas of expertise, and contact info. Then e-mail it to all of
us, to various listserves, and to all possible journalists. If the packet
has these three institutions' imprimatur, it will be regarded with respect
by the media.

This has to be done quickly, but, fortunately, compiling such a packet in
the form of a simple PDF can be done in a few hours. And remember:
everyone who studies Ukraine--even if it's culture, literature, or
history--knows infinitely more about Ukraine than the bogus experts. So no
need to be modest. Help spread real knowledge about Ukraine. Dare I say
it's our obligation as scholars?


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