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I'm reforwading this (so that the attachment stays in place).

Please get this into your networks as far and wide as possible.

Ali Chalupa has taken, in her position affiliated with the Ethnic Council 
of the Democratic National Committee, actions to get signatories from 
other US-based organizations, and those being not just Ukrainian-oriented 
ones. Specifically, these include Polish, Azeri, Turkish, Crimean, 
Estonian, and other organizations to the attached letter.

In the process, she has also started the US United With Ukraine Coalition, 
and is its acting President. Given all of the work that Ali has done, I am 
not going to challenge her, but rather will fallen line.

Who's with me?

Max Pyziur
pyz at brama.com

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Subject: [Ukrainians For Obama] Updated: US United with Ukraine Joint Letter -

A number of new signatories confirmed this morning to the final joint letter of S.2124.

Please see attached final letter and simplified text below to base your calls/emails to your Senators and Congressman.  Senate is scheduled to vote on it
this evening, so time is of essence.


Ali Chalupa

Ukraine needs your immediate help. 

Please support Senate Bill 2124 - Support for the Sovereignty, Integrity, Democracy, and Economic Stability of Ukraine Act of 2014.

Under the Budapest Memorandum of 1994, the U.S., the U.K. and the Russian Federation made assurances to protect Ukraine in the event its territory or
sovereignty is threatened by a foreign entity, in exchange for Ukraine voluntarily giving-up its uranium and nuclear warheads to Russia, at the time the
world’s third largest arsenal.  

Russian invaded the Crimea region of Ukraine, overthrew its government, held an illegitimate election for an illegal referendum and declared Crimea
annexed to the Russian Federation.  Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine continues to pose a serious threat to the entire region. 

The U.S. must take immediate action to follow-through on our commitment to Ukraine. 
Ukraine needs immediate national security support including:  strong financial resources both from the United States via a $1 billion loan and IMF
funding, military support and training, and increased sanctions against individuals responsible for threatening its territory and sovereignty.

We look to Congress for leadership in providing this vital aid to Ukraine. 

The White House, Republican and Democratic Foreign Relations Committee Senators, several dozen former top cabinet secretaries and national security
officials and more than 200 other policy experts have voiced strong nonpartisan support for urgent IMF quota reform included in S.2124, which directly
impacts Ukraine.

Immediate IMF quota reform will:

Help maintain the U.S. economic leadership in the IMF, and therefore decision-making power to help Ukraine.
Increase immediate emergency IMF aid to Ukraine by 60%, from $1 billion to $1.6 billion. Coupled with a U.S. direct loan of $1 billion, this will result
in $2.6 billion immediate aid.

Provide Ukraine an additional $6 billion in assistance under its standard loan practices, without any new financial commitment from the United States.

A strong, U.S.-led IMF is just as important to protecting America’s economic health and
prosperity as a strong army and navy is to protecting our physical security.  Support for fulfilling
our commitment to IMF is support for Ukraine’s prosperity and peace. 

Failing to follow-through on our Budapest Memorandum commitment in a timely manner risks destabilizing Ukraine and the entire region and sends a dangerous
message about the folly of a country’s giving up the nuclear option, therefore undermining the United State’s credibility and ability to pursue nuclear
nonproliferation, a top national security priority.   
We ask Congress to act now to pass S.2124.  World interests, American interests are at stake. 
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