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absolutely agree with Andrew Sorokowski.
EXCEPT remember WHO controlled Donbass last 20 years and that they
reinvested their profits in the "west" they hate so much and not there
-- except for stadiums and shopping centres (pane et circe).

On 10/14/14, Roman Solchanyk <roman at solchanyk.org> wrote:
> Indeed, probably more could have been done in the socio-economic sphere
> during the 20+ years of Ukraine's independence.  But is that the main
> problem?  Does a higher proportion of alcoholics in Kramatorsk as compared
> to Sambir lead to greater support for separatism?  I think not.  The damage
> had already been done during decades of Soviet rule.  I remember well how
> Gorbachev was greeted in Donetsk in 1989 or 1990--e.g., Gorby asks the crowd
> something about the Ukr. language.  The response?  "I'll speak Ukrainian if
> it reduces the price of kolbasa."  Everyone thinks this is hugely amusing,
> has a good laugh.
> Where Kyiv (politicians and some "public intellectuals") is clearly at fault
> is making believe that there is no "ideological" (for lack of a better term)
> problem in the east and south or outright denying it  (cf. the discussion of
> "two Ukraines.").  How many times over the years have you heard that all of
> this separatism business is "shtuchne?"
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> True, I suppose, though the term "this bio-mass" has disturbing overtones
> ("human material," etc.). Moreover, this reminds me of how we American
> northerners view the South and its "rednecks." I wonder how much of that
> stupidity is a result of poor education, poverty, unemployment, alcoholism
> and malnutrition (and their effects on offspring), a toxic environment, etc.
> The well-fed bourgeois liberal of New York and the well-fed bourgeois
> patriot of Kyiv despise the "element" their policies have allowed to develop
> in places like, respectively, Mississippi or the Donbas. Maybe they should
> instead share some of the benefits they've had in terms of hygiene,
> education, employment, social infrastructure, etc. If Kyiv had paid more
> attention to the southeast, Russia might not have found it so easy to find a
> mass of social discontents ready to take up arms for its cause.
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> The video confirms what some of us have been saying for a long time:  The
> narod of Donbas evidences that amazing condition of mass
> stupidity--stupidity, in the sense of just plain dumb, dull, something like
> "low information" people here in the US and A--and low-life thuggery.
> Witness (at around the 12th minute), for example, one of the terrorist
> leaders interrogating a young man because of his collection of pro-Ukrainian
> stickers.  He says something like this:  "If you are a collector, as you
> claim, then why do you have so many of these stickers?"  There are no words.
> Sorry.  With this bio-mass one can neither build a nation nor sustain a
> state.
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> Vice News DPR documentary
> https://news.vice.com/video/the-donetsk-peoples-republic
> fyi,
> MP
> pyz at brama.com
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