[Aaus-list] The Economist: Ukraine is running out of time to overcome corruption

Max Pyziur pyz at brama.com
Fri Oct 24 20:29:52 EDT 2014

The Economist:
Ukraine before the election
The battle for Ukraine’s future
The country is running out of time to overcome corruption

" ...

As ever in Ukraine, nothing is what it seems. The elections will not 
overhaul the system where deputies are the extensions of business 
interests and can be sold and traded. The new parliament is likely to be 
dominated by old faces wearing new masks. The odious Party of Regions is 
gone, but its spirit has been reconstituted in the Strong Ukraine and 
Opposition Bloc parties. Oligarchs including Rinat Akhmetov, Sergei 
Levochkin, and Dmitry Firtash, who has faced bribery charges from American 
officials, are said still to influence the make-up of party lists, 
including Mr Yatseniuk’s People’s Front. Igor Kolomoisky, the most 
powerful oligarch and the governor of Dnepropetrovsk, stronghold of the 
anti-separatist resistance, has no party of his own but will control many 


Much of the Ukrainian economy is plagued by ingenious schemes for 
diverting state money into private pockets. Some of the most outrageous 
ones set up by Viktor Yanukovych, the ousted president, have been closed, 
but many survive.



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