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Am in Kyiv for the parliamentary elections.  For a non presidential elections the turnout was fantastic.  The voters that I spoke to all expressed a very strong desire for a united Ukraine.  They said that the population has in recent months become very patriotic and united.  They all credit Putin for this turnaround.
The only violations that I and others observed was in the Obolon region of Kyiv (where I was posted)  there the head of the commission #217 voting district, at the last moment  wanted to change the person who was duly responsible for the commission in that region.  The reaction and outrage was so great that the original person was put back into the position.   In the meantime a busload of militia was parked outside the commission district to make sure that all ended peacefully.  Which it did  So in the end "all quiet on the western front"..  Ulana Mazurkevich
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All #UkraineVotes exit polls in one place.
Your're welcome! <
http://t.co/U2XQ75sc1U - Hromadske (@Hromadske)
October 26, 2014

Polls closed in Ukraine. Exit polls show communists out & Yanukovich's 
people only getting 6%
- Simon Ostrovsky (@SimonOstrovsky)
October 26, 2014

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