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Yes, indeed.  Ukrainians in Ukraine follow White House policy religiously; they especially like to read White House press releases and watch Obama press conferences.  And those that do not, are glued to their computers (almost everyone has one!) and read about these things in Ukrainian.  
That 42% (and the equally low number who now would support the Maidan) has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Ukrainians are not a political nation.  It's because of Obama, for sure.

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That percentage may be so low because they have become disillusioned by the lack of support that they are of the opinion "build our own and screw it" -- that way not beholden on anybodies "flip/flop" decision process like Obama. :O 

Danger is that takes time to build such capability and Yanukovych was very effective at dismantling such endeavours for his Russian Master. He killed the Ukrainian anti-tank missile development in 2010 -- it has taken a good year to get that back on track and into production.

Bohdan Futala wrote:
> http://www.unian.ua/society/1063017-ponad-42-ukrajintsiv-vvajayut-scho-zahid-mae-nadati-ukrajini-letalnu-zbroyu.html

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