[Aaus-list] More on yesterday's Riabchuk

Roman Solchanyk roman at solchanyk.org
Fri Apr 24 00:31:43 EDT 2015

I was going to suggest that someone translate (and disseminate) Riabchuk's piece into English.  I feel that strongly about it.  
But he tells me that there is an English-language variant (see attached). That's great.  But who besides me and several dozen other Fachidioten (a great German word, one of many; translation:  narrow specialists) interested in things Ukrainian read "egghead" academic journals?
So, it would be good if this piece could somehow be disseminated na chelovechskom yazyke ( that would be English) in a more palatable (non-academic) way for the benefit of all of these people, including some professors, who have suddenly become experts on Ukraine and who feel compelled to share their new-found interest with the rest of us.
Ideas?  Anybody?  Or should we just forget about it because tyazhko na emihratsiji?
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