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On Sun, 16 Aug 2015, Max Pyziur wrote:

> Forbes: Time is not on Ukraine's Side
> http://www.forbes.com/sites/markadomanis/2015/08/14/time-is-not-on-ukraines-side/
> Enough people are practicing schadenfreude because Russia's economy is now 
> under the constraints of economic sanctions and an environment for low 
> hydrocarbon prices for the next three to five years.
> Don't kid yourself: Russia can make it on its own in this time period because 
> it has fx reserves and something to sell on world markets.
> Ukraine can't make it on its own, and is on IMF life-support systems for a 
> considerabley extended future. Look at both World Bank and IMF projections, 
> and both institutions forecast weakness if not contraction for Ukraine's 
> medium-term.
> As Mark Adomanis says, "Even as Russia’s economy has turned sour, the gap 
> between Russian and Ukrainian economic performance has grown not shrank. That 
> is to say that Ukraine’s economy has not simply fared worse than Russia’s, it 
> has fared increasingly worse."
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