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Mon Mar 21 15:43:37 EDT 2016


The literary journal Trafika Europe 7 (http://trafikaeurope.org/) has 
just appeared online under the title Ukrainian Prayer. Guest-edited by 
Woskob Family Professor of Ukrainian Studies at Penn State University 
Michael Naydan, the issue begins with a prefatory article by Prof. 
Naydan under the title “A Literary Phoenix Still Rising.”It includes 
translations of the following prose writers:master storytellers *Maria 
Matios* (an excerpt from her novel /Sweet Darusya/) and *Yuri Vynnychuk* 
(an excerpt from his novel /Tango of Death/); postmodernists *Yuri 
Andrukhovych* (his essay “Carpathologia Comosphilica 
and *Serhiy Zhadan *(an excerpt from his novel /Voroshilovgrad/); and 
younger generation prose writers *Tanya Malyarchuk* (“The Demon of 
Hunger” and “I Wish I had a Tail”) and *Sofia Andrukhovych* (an excerpt 
from her novel /Felix Austria/). The issue highlights translations of 
the poetry of *Natalka Bilotserkivets*, *Taras Melnychuk*, and *Mariya 
Tytarenko* along with translations of *Oleh Kotsarev* at a sister site. 
This issue will be the first Trafika Europe issue to be published in a 
paper edition by Penn State University Press. Translators include Mark 
Andryczyk, Vitaly Chernetsky, the team of Riley Costigan-Humes and Issac 
Wheeler, and the team of Michael Naydan and Olha Tytarenko.

The online issue will also feature lengthy audio interviews with Natalka 
Bilotserkivets and Yuri Andrukhovych by Trafika Director Andrew Singer, 
which were both recorded during the authors’ recent visits to Penn State 



The Andrukhovych essay can be read here: 

Trafika Europe features an evocative animated film of Mariya Tytarenko 
reading the English translation of her poem “Bridges,” which is 
dedicated to Paul Celan: https://youtu.be/-8XeH2QyGW8

Previously Trafika Europe 4 entitled “Armenian Rhapsody” included a 
translation of Ukrainian science fiction writer Taras Antypovych’s novel 
/Timestealers/ (pages 83-106).

Trafika Europe is grateful to the Woskob Family Endowment in Ukrainian 
Studies at Penn State for its support of the issue.

NB: If highlighted links do not work on your computer by clicking on 
them, please cut and paste the links. Or click on them at their 
locations on the cool pages of the journal.

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