[Aaus-list] FOIA.CIA.GOV: You, me, and vacationing w/ the CIA - debriefing in the Catskills

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Page 1, #2: " ... On Saturday, 12 May, we met for breakfast with
George Lopatinsky (QRDIMAMIC/4), who retied from Prolog
in 1971, but who maintains an active role in ZP/DEVR
and in the distribution of Suchasnist. Lopatinsky was
formerly a par-military asset of SR Division, and has
a long history of association with CIA. After breakfast
we drove with Lopatinsky to his home, a tourist lodge
in Jewett, New York, 145 miles north of New York City.
There we were Joined by Lobed, Kaminsky, Czajkowsky
and their wives. Erom noon Friday until our departure
at 1400 Sunday we were able to relax, converse, take
10nit walks in invigorating mOuntiin air, and eat the
sinfully rich gourmet Ukrainian cooking of Mrs. Lopatinsky.


Page 2, #3, the prelude: " word concerning the site of our meeting,
Hilltop Acres, described somewhat inadequately in the
attached brochure; the accompanying map shows the location
and route from New York. This converted 100-year old
farmhouse was bought by George and Lydia Lopatinsky
upon their retirement in 1971. With the aid of one
permanent employee the couple run this house with 18
rooms and accommodations Or 35 persons, located on a
little-traveled road. between Jewette and Hunter. During
the peak summer season or winter ski season additional
help is recruited locally from vacationing students.
The area has been chosen as a home by over a hundred
Ukrainian families, and Hunter has a very picturesque
Ukrainian Catholic church which is a tourist attraction.
The area resembles the Carpathian Ukraine, an obvious
attraction for the emigre settlers. The tourist lodge,
tastefully furnished and impeccably maintained, consisits
of a main -building with a dining-roes and 12 bedrooms,	.
a smaller building with 8:rooms, and 2individual cottages.


the point: " ...

Either of the tO0cottagei would make an excellent Site,
preferably, in off-season, for debriefilitcof a sensitive .
asset of any sort whom we might wish to keep isolated.
I have not explored this possibility with Lopatinsky,
but I am certain he would be pleased to cooperate.



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