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May 31, 2016


Thursday, June 2, at 7 p.m.
The Ukrainian Museum Film Festival (UMFF)

The Ukrainian Museum's film series and traditional arts programs are supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

Film Mezhyhiria, 2013, Ukraine, documentary by Volodymyr Tykhyy. Ukr./Rus. w/Eng. subtitles, 53 min.

Before the Euromaidan, investigative journalists Serhiy Leshchenko and Mustafa Nayyem, both of whom are now MPs in Ukraine’s parliament, and others, track the trail of ownership of the Mezhyhiria estate, once a public park and former State House, which mysteriously became a private estate owned by Viktor Yanukovych, then the President of Ukraine.

The 140-hectare Mezhyhiria complex is enclosed by a five meter tall fence along the 54 km (34 mi) perimeter. On its territory are located a yacht pier, equestrian club, shooting range, tennis court and many other recreational tourism complexes as well as hunting grounds. The lease of 1 ha (2.5 acres) in Mezhyhirya for Yanukovych cost 314 hryvnia per month (2010), which was about US$39.57 according to the exchange rate at that time. Yanukovych lived on this property 2002 until February 21, 2014, the day that he fled to Russia. See Wikipedia: "Mezhyhirya Residence (https|//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mezhyhirya_Residence) " for more about this topic.

Admission: $10. Tickets at the door 1 hour before the show.



Friday, June 3, at 7 p.m. – UMFF
Short documentary films in three parts
The Ukrainian Museum is grateful to the Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival for sharing these important and insightful documentary films with our audiences.

Part 1:

Rotation (Rotatsiia), 2014, Ukraine, 6 min., Ukr. w/Eng. subtitles. Director: Serhiy Lysenko. Production: Kherson Regional Charity and Health Foundation and International Documentary Human Rights Film Festival Docudays UA. The film was created with the support of International Renaissance Foundation and International Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.

This documentary tells the story of the soldiers of 13th Area Defense Battalion of Chernihiv, who had been at the front and under constant fire from the Russian Federation for six long months. The soldiers’ relatives hired lawyers to help them to press the military leadership to get leave for the battalion. They filmed a video appeal to the President. Serhiy Lysenko documents the process they underwent.

The Southern Border (Pivdennyi kordon), 2014, Ukraine, 14 min., Ukr. w/Eng. subtitles. Director: Serhiy Lysenko. Production: Kherson Regional Charity and Health Foundation and International Documentary Human Rights Film Festival Docudays UA. The film was created with the support of International Renaissance Foundation and International Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.

The Russian Federation has been waging an undeclared war in Eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainian army was practically destroyed by the pro-Russian regime. In the first days of Russian aggression volunteers and social activists started a movement for restoring Ukrainian army. They raise money, and collect food and clothing to provide soldiers with the essentials.

The situation in the south of Ukraine, in the Kherson region, is very intense because there is still a real threat of a Russian invasion from Crimea. The filmmakers set out for a journey together with Natalya who transports needed goods for the soldiers who are defending the southern border of the country.

Part 2:

“Romani dream,” 2014, series of four short films directed by Roman Bondarchuk. They want to be model Ukrainian citizens: Diana, Ukr. w/Eng. subtitles, 4 min.; Myroslav, Ukr. w/Eng. subtitles, 6 min.; Denys, Ukr. w/Eng. subtitles, 5 min.; Renata, Romani/Rus. w/Eng. subtitles, 7 min. Director: Roman Bondarchuk. Production: Kherson Regional Charity and Health Foundation and International Documentary Human Rights Film Festival Docudays UA. The series was created with the support of Kherson City Association of Journalists “Pivden” and International Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.

Diana is 23 years old she lives in the “Radvanka” settlement. She is a mother of two children from two marriages and she doesn’t give up the dream of studying and becoming a professional choreographer. Diana runs dance workshop at the local Roma school. She is convinced that when people stop dance their folk dances the nation will stop its existence.

Myroslav works at the regional Television and Radio Broadcasting Company where he makes and presents a weekly broadcast for Roma people. The topics of these shows include sports competitions in which Roma people participate, work of Roma organizations, and even historical events which aim to awake the self-respect of the Roma people.

Denys was raised in an orphanage where he runs music workshop now. He lives in the settlement, in his mother-in-law’s house with his wife and three children. However, he always wears for work career apparel with a tie and polished shoes. Denys has bought a plot of land and he dreams of building the house and leaving the settlement.

Renata was born in a settlement in Mukacheve. She studied to become a lawyer at the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (the IAPM) and moved to the town with her parents. Recently, Renata started to work in the Centre for Legal Information and Consulting which was founded in the former house of her parents. For the first time in Mukacheve settlement history, Roma people can get a free legal consultation. Renata helps to renew passports, to issue birth certificates for children, and represents Roma people’s interests in courts.

Part 3:

«If there are more books out there at the East, and if those books are read, then maybe, we won't buy any more bulletproof vests...»

Language (Mova) 2016, directed by Serhiy Lysenko. Ukr. w/Eng. subtitles, 16 min. Production: Pivden NGO and Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival. The film production is supported by the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine.

In the East and the South of Ukraine many people do not speak Ukrainian. Activists organize free courses for everyone who wants to learn, bring book fairs and music bands to cities and towns, organize meetings with writers.

Admission: $10. Tickets at the door 1 hour before the show.



Saturday, June 4, at 7 p.m.
Concert with Metropolitan Opera star Stefan Szkafarowsky, bass, organized by The Ukrainian Museum and UNWLA Branch 113 in celebration of the Museum’s 40th Anniversary. Szkafarowsky will perform compositions by M. Lysenko, Cole Porter, Rossini, I. Sonevytsky, Verdi, and others. Accompanist: Laryssa Krupa, piano.

Admission: $25. Tickets are available online (http://www.ukrainianmuseum.org/shop/display.php?cat=26) .


Sunday, June 5, at 4:30 p.m. – UMFF
Film Ivan the Powerful (Ivan Syla), 2013, Ukraine, feature film by Viktor Andriyenko. Ukr. w/Eng. subtitles, 89 min.

News! Ivanna Sakhno who plays the role of "Milka," Ivan Firtsak's love interest, will attend the screening and answer your questions about the film! Don't miss your chance to meet this beautiful, young actress from Ukraine.

"Ivan the Poweful tells the outstanding life story of Ivan Firtsak, who was born in June, 1899, in the Ukrainian village Bilky, in the Irshava district in Zakarpattia Oblast. At the age of 18 he became a performer with a Czechoslovak circus and traveled to 64 countries of the world, astonishing everybody with his victories. He was a weightlifting champion of Czechoslovakia, a bodybuilding champion of Europe. He earned the nickname "Strong Ivan Croton" for his incredible strength. Ivan Firtsak won a great number of single combats with famous wrestlers of the world. From hands of the Queen of England he received a helmet and a belt decorated with cold and diamonds. American press called him the strongest man of the XX century. In 1937 in the prime of his fame he came back to the homeland." - Written by Andriy Suyarko

Based on a true story, the film’s main character, Ivan Firtsak, went through many trials with dignity, he steeled his heart and became an invincible giant of strength and spirit. Perfect film for families with children!

Admission is $15; $10 for members, seniors, students and children. Light refreshements after the screening. Tickets at the door one hour before the show.


Friday, June 10, at 7 p.m.
Film Mamai, 2003, Ukraine, feature film by Oles’ Sanin. Ukr. w/Eng. subtitles, 80 min. Based on ancient Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar folklore, this is a Ukrainian version of Romeo and Juliet. Viewers will have a sneak preview of the Museum’s new exhibition Orest Skop: Cossack Mamai. Admission is $15; $10 for members and seniors; $5 for students.


Saturday, June 18, at 7:00 p.m. – UMFF
Film The Tribe (Plemya), 2015, Ukraine, award-winning drama by Myroslav Shlaboshpytskiy. Silent, no subtitles, 126 min. A unique feature of The Tribe is that it is filmed without a spoken word – only in sign language, without the benefit of subtitles, intertitles, or voiceovers. A deaf mute boy joins a boarding school for similar children. Confronted by the violent and criminal antics of some of the other boys and girls, he struggles to conform and join the ‘tribe’. Warning: this film contains explicit sex scenes and violence. It is not rated in the U.S., however only adults age 18+ will be permitted (ID is required!). We strongly recommend that viewers read online reviews before deciding to attend. Admission is $15; $10 for members and seniors.



http://www.ukrainianmuseum.org/ex_160313ex_hnizdovsky_contentstyle.htmlJacques Hnizdovsky: Content and Style. Evolving Perspectives
Through August 7, 2016
The year 2016 marks the 40th anniversary of the Ukrainian Museum, and an exhibition of the works of Jacques Hnizdovsky (1915-1985) is especially appropriate for the Museum's year-long celebration. Hnizdovsky embodies the ethos of post-World War II Ukrainian artists of the diaspora. He ranks among that generation's most distinguished and accomplished figures. And he designed the Museum's logo for its debut in 1976. Jacques Hnizdovsky: Content and Style. Evolving Perspectives is comprised of more than 100 works by Hnizdovsky, including oils, woodcuts, linocuts, ceramics, sculptures, drawings, and more.

More about Jacques Hnizdovsky:

http://www.ukrainianmuseum.org/ex_160305ex_pysanka.htmlPYSANKA: The Ukrainian Easter Egg
More than 400 beautifully decorated pysanky (Ukrainian Easter eggs) from the Museum's permanent collection. The exhibition is complemented by a series of glass paintings with Easter and spring themes by Jaroslava Surmach Mills.

More about Pysanka:

http://www.ukrainianmuseum.org/150927_onyshkewych.htmlSixty Years an Artist: Zenowij Onyshkewych
Through June 5, 2016 (extended)
A comprehensive exhibition featuring the work of Zenowij Onyshkewych (b. 1929), a prolific Ukrainian American artist, whose oeuvre includes a wide range of mediums spanning sixty years of creative expression. This retrospective exhibition spanning his artistic career primarily showcases his landscapes, but also includes portraits and caricatures executed in oils, watercolors, and ink or pencil. The exhibition is comprised of more than 70 paintings and drawings. Onyshkewych studied with Reginald Marsh, one of the best known chroniclers of 1930s and 1940s New York, and with the American Impressionist, Robert Philipp.

More about Sixty Years an Artist:

40 Years of Exhibition Posters at The Ukrainian Museum
Selected posters from the Museum’s many exhibitions since its establishment 40 years ago, in conjunction with the Museum’s year-long anniversary celebration.


Life in Wood
Selections of everyday and decorative objects made of wood from the Museum's permanent collection.


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