[Aaus-list] the Uniate (Greek-Catholic) Church from the Beginnings up to the Soviet Era: discussant required for the IAH convention in Lviv, 28-30 June 2018

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discussant required for the IAH convention *in Lviv, 28-30 June 2018*
Identification by the Uniate (Greek-Catholic) Church from the Beginnings up
to the Soviet Era:

The International Association of Humanities organised its first summer
convention together with the ASEEES in 2016 with about eight hundred
participants from the US, Canada and Europe as well.  Now it is to be held
the second IAH convention. The main topic of the former convention was the
“Image of the Others” while the recent convention goes under the headline
of the “Image of the Self”. The organizer of this panel has already
organized panels on the previous IAH convention* and on the International
Congresses of Belorussian Studies, too, with similar topics.**
* See ASEEES-MAG-Lviv_Printed-Program, pages/стр. 47-48: Session HiE-3-05 ,
Mon., June 27, 2016, 9:00-10:45:

** See “Basilian Monks in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Their Links with
Central and Western Europe”

The recent panel description is given as follows.
Panel title:

*Confessionalisation as the Building of Institutions by the Uniate
(Greek-Catholic) Church from the Beginnings up to the Soviet Era*

Panel description:

*The panel covers the history of the Uniate Church as a special phenomenon
of identity-shaping, as for defining “image of the self” in strange
surroundings, that is, in foreign culture and in repression, too. The first
paper by V. Moroz (Lviv, Ukraine) concerns the cultural activity and
structural reforms of the Basilian Order. The second paper by S. Földvári
(Budapest-Debrecen, Hungary) deals with the secular clergy in “foreign”
environment: he studies the circumstances of education of Byzantine liturgy
in Roman Catholic seminaries in the Habsburg Empire. The third paper by S.
Shtuka (Ternopil, Ukraine) shows the “Image of the Self” in the Second
Vatican Synod, when Metropolitan Josyph Slipyi raised his voice for the
“underground” Uniate church, and provided the illegal existence of this
church at home.*

We need a discussant is familiar with the history of the Uniate (Greek
Catholic) Church in Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Habsburg Empire,
too. *Fluent knowledge of Ukrainian and English is required*. The papers
are to be presented in Ukrainian; however, all the three panelists speaks
English and they provide the audience with the printed version of papers in
English, too (upon the request of the audience). The questions and
contributions are expected in English and Ukrainian, too; thus the ideal
discussant speaks both languages.
Please send me your brief CV within 200 words or 500 symbols (with the link
of the web-site concerning your professional activity) in English and
Ukrainian, too, until 21 January or earlier.
panel organiser: alexfoldvari at gmail.com
A discussant outside from Ukraine is warmly encouraged, because the IAH
convention policy is to prefer the multinational panels.
We can accept a fourth paper presenter, too; instead of the discussant; in
this case the fourth paper-presenting candidate is expected to send a brief
CV within 200 words or 500 symbols (with the link of the web-site
concerning his professional activity!!) and an abstracts of his proposal
fitting to our topic, in English and Ukrainian, too, within 200 words or
500 symbols, and the title must be written in both languages as well. - Polish
language is acceptable instead of Ukrainian; any other language seems to be
not very relevant to our topic.

Sandor Foldvari, research fellow; cell-phone +36-30-6709134
Debrecen Univ. Baltic Studies; - home: H-2119 PECEL, P.O.B. 36.
Publications: http://unideb.academia.edu/SandorFoldvari

address: alexfoldvari at gmail.com
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